A Child Care Centre That Really Goes the Whole Way

childcare centre auburn

The centre, which started as a daycare in Auburn, Alabama, has expanded since opening its doors in 1997. With its two other branches in Florida and New Mexico, it caters to a different kind of clientele than the daycare centres it initially began with. In addition to homeschooling and tutoring, the centre offers classes for pre-k education, physical education, and music therapy. There are also a number of private lessons available for children that may have special needs.


The centre’s mission statement includes the mission, “We believe children are born to be the most important people in their lives, and we work to help them realize their full potential.” It’s not surprising that the centre is especially dedicated to academic success for children. In the classrooms, teachers take great care to ensure that each student has the right tools to learn. Each student is assigned an experienced teacher who has classroom experience and is equipped with knowledge about the educational process.


One of the most popular classes offered at the centre is a music therapy class. Music therapy is a growing discipline that draws from a number of disciplines, including art, music, cognitive science, and psychology. Classes at the centre draw from a number of different areas, and many students who sign up for a childcare centre career don’t even realize that some of the elements of the curriculum they’ll be learning came from an outside source. For parents who are trying to find a way to provide their child with the best start in life, or for those who want to know more about how a career choice can enrich their child’s life, the Auburn centre may be just what the family needs.

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