Free Lifebook Online

To make this possible, Lifebook is offering a free three day mini personal development mini-course to help get you started. You’ll be able to learn how to record your dreams and create a plan to reach them through a set of activities designed by Jon Butcher. With his many years of experience in personal development,¬†Jon Butcher Lifebook¬†believes that personal growth comes from setting goals and achieving them, and he has developed a plan that combines elements from many different fields including dream translation, dream recall, motivation, action plans, and personal growth.f

You Don’t Have To Be A Big Corporation To Start Lifebook Online

Lifebook online is a revolutionary way to record your life and move forward as you dream in the comfort of your own home. How are you going to remember all the great things you’ve done if you don’t have a record to look back on? Lifebook will help you get hold of your heart’s desire and build a life based on what you love instead of just living in a default state doing whatever everybody else is doing.

What’s even better is you’ll get clear instructions, weekly updates and downloads to help you along. When you’re ready, you can create your own Lifebook online and take it with you to any location you may find yourself. Jon Butcher believes that the secret to living life successfully is to live your life vision through a set of activities you enjoy. You may find that your new Lifebook will help you get clear on your goals and begin working towards them.