Best Vacuum Cleaners Under $100

A Shark vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuums around, but it is not without drawbacks. Customers report that they have had to replace the bags several times, and that the hose is too short for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Some users have also noted that the hose is lightweight, making it difficult to maneuver in larger rooms. However, this small, lightweight vacuum is one of the best vacuum cleaners under $100.

Which is the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Aspiradora Escoba  A Dyson canister vacuum is a great choice for those with pets. Its swivel nozzle allows it to clean under furniture and is especially effective on hard floors. While it failed to pick up dust well on carpet, it is easy to maneuver around furniture. It also has an excellent warranty. In addition, the WD3 has a variety of attachments for cleaning different surfaces. You can also use it as a stick vacuum.

A Dyson DC18 canister vacuum is designed for those with pets. Its included floor head and power brush help it pick up pet hair from most floors. It performs poorly on carpet, but its detachable handle makes it easy to move between rooms. Its compact size makes it easy to store. It can also easily manoeuvre around furniture. A Dyson DC18 is a great choice if you have pets and want an effective vacuum.