Experience The Warmth Of Bali’s Eco Resort Hotels

Bali Eco Resort is located in the central part of Bali island. The resort was launched in 1998 with the mission to create a BaliEcoStay Resort that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. As a result of this effort, Bali Eco Resort has become one of the most popular eco hotels in Asia. It offers a wide range of attractions that is made possible by its environmentally aware design and the utilization of natural building materials and designs.

Bali Eco Resort – What You Can Expect

Bali Eco Resort has also been able to achieve sustainability status for its projects. This means that the hotel has gone to great lengths in order to make sure that the projects are able to operate efficiently and without any kind of negative impact on the environment. The hotel’s design is also considered as an environmental friendly because the use of natural and organic materials such as bamboo for constructing most of the hotel structures. Apart from these, the resort offers a wide range of recreational activities like scuba diving, boating, water skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, mountaineering, and swimming. All these recreational activities are available for tourists coming to the resort.

As far as the amenities and services are concerned, the hotels offer everything that an eco traveler would expect from a Bali Eco Resort. The rooms are air conditioned; the pool has Jacuzzi tubs; the dining options include a wide range of cuisines; there are facilities for trekking and canoeing; a spa and gym are available for guests who want to stay fit and healthy. In short, you can find a Bali Eco Resort in every detail that encompasses eco-friendly travel. Thus, visiting Bali is no more a matter of compromising your ethics when it comes to staying in a Bali eco-friendly hotel. You can now experience the warmth and luxury of a Bali eco friendly stay.

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