FDA Kn95 Mask – Easier to Keep Clean

fda kn95 mask

The new KN95 Mask from the Federal Drug Administration is an advancement in personal protective equipment (PPE) technology. In recent years, face masks have become mandatory in high-risk industries like construction, mining, and manufacturing. The new masks feature multiple benefits over older, disposable masks such as the now-ubiquitous face masks seen on the websites of our nation’s construction industry. They include a particulate filter that can catch dangerous dust particles, a pressure-relief face shield that reduces or eliminates the discomfort caused by a sagging mask, and a moisture and spill control fabric. The new design also features a built-in air purification system to improve air quality in the workplace.


The new N95 Mask is made from an advanced material that outperforms its predecessors in many ways. The material uses a particulate filter that has a higher mass than the older strainable vinyl filters. The new design also utilizes a pressure-relief face shield that can also catch dust particles. These two features combined result in an airtight seal that completely covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. One may never know that the individual wearing this particular mask actually suffers from asthma and COPD and still works in the same job.


The FDA has approved the new N95 mask as providing the maximum protection against dust, airborne particles, fumes, and vapors. Clean air is important in any workplace. It’s important to know which respiratory protection equipment (RPE) suits individuals best. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” the new N95 respirators definitely fall under this rule.

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