Fishing For Giant Bass – It Can Be Done

Giant Bass are one of the most popular targets for fishermen. You will find them in every lake and pond in the country. There are a number of different lures that you can use when fishing for these magnificent bass. Some fishermen swear by bluegill baits, but I don’t, I like any kind of fish bait that will catch enough fish to make them eat it right away. Some anglers also like to fish for Giant Bass with chum baits, but I am not fond of chum, I prefer other types of fishing baits. Resource –

Fishing For Giant Bass – It Can Be Done

In the spring and fall months there is an abundance of Giant Bass in ponds, lakes, and rivers all over the United States. In my part of the country there are lots of lakes that have water levels that are about twelve inches deep or more. If you want to fish for these bass in the spring and fall months, you need to make sure that the waters are at their lowest point during this time. If the water level is too low, the Giant Bass will be unable to stay above water level and will not be able to reach for their prey. This will leave them no choice but to die.

If you are fishing in the spring and fall months, and your hook doesn’t hang up after four to six strikes, do not despair, as these fish are very resilient and will usually strike again within two or three casts. These beautiful creatures can grow to over twenty pounds and are known to live for up to five years. If you want to bag a one-pound giant bass, go fishing for them in the following lakes: Lamont Lake, Wisconsin Dells, Louisiana Belleaudre Orleans, Georgia Cane River, New Orleans Littler, Texas San Antonio Loma, and of course Lake Toledo, Michigan.

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