How to Download Courses From Blackboard

If you’ve taken a course through Blackboard and would like to have it on your computer, you can download the course content. You can choose to Download Courses all the course files or just specific course modules. Then, you can import them back into Blackboard at a later date. The Export Course feature is located in the Course Management section of the website.

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To download courses, you can use the Android app to go to the Downloads page of the app. To do this, tap the options menu and select Download all. Once you’ve finished downloading, you can reorder the content by sorting it using the Sort dropdown. If you have a limited amount of space, you can download a course in one go.

After you download a course, you can delete it using the uninstall feature in the mobile app. You can also delete individual modules or whole courses. However, you must remember to remove them before you delete them. For iOS devices, the uninstall feature lets you undo any downloaded modules. Alternatively, you can remove a course’s entire download by logging out of the app and logging in again.

To download courses, navigate to the lesson containing the desired content. Click the download icon. You’ll be prompted to enter your password. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have the course materials at your fingertips.

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