Tyent Water Ionizers Review

Tyent water ionizer use activated carbon to filter water molecules to remove toxins from the water. Ionizers aren’t new, but Tyent has taken it to a whole new level. A tyrant water ionizer is a portable ionizer that not only filters the water but also the air around it. The ionizer filters out toxic gases and odors, which give you and your family to cleaner air than you could get from a chlorinated shower or by breathing in pollutants from outside.

High Quality and Durable Water Ionizers From Tyent

Tyent makes the following water ionizer models:There are other companies who make a similar type of ionizer called the major water ionizer. The major maxi-pot, maxi-plume, and maxi-electra are all portable and easy to use, but don’t have the lifetime warranty that Tyent has. If you want a strong warranty then I suggest you check out major ionizers. Both have filters and emit ozone and UV, which are healthy for your health. I don’t know if the Ace-11 is truly a purifier or a combination of a distiller and ionizer, but I’ll assume that it is.

If you’re looking for an ionizing water system then you should definitely check out the Tyent water ionizers. They offer quality at a good price. The ionizer units have received rave reviews. Users report that the water tastes like tap water, has almost no chlorine taste, has a very mild mineral taste, and has very few odors. It also doesn’t take up much space.

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